All Aboard Model Starship

A couple of months ago, we dropped the artist Max Hattler to tell him how much we admired his work. We did a little Q&A with him right here on Journal and then met up for coffee. The idea of a collaboration came about and a make-up bag full of autumn/winter 2012 products were duly thrust into his arms. This short abstract film – Model Starship – (with sound by Eduardo Noya Schreus) is the result.

We love it! What do you think?

For more mad Hattler creations, check out Or show the man some love on his facebook page and twitter.


An unplanned hiatus

Sorry for the blogging silence. An unexpected situation came up a few weeks ago needing immediate attention. All’s been repaired now, so I am back looking for all things fabulous online and offline to share with you.


99 Feelings

Since as a young girl, I have been attracted to Russian dolls. I remember the feeling of amazement as one doll opens up to reveal another. Again and again. One doll, then two, then three, until you reach the littlest one. If anyone has any theories about people who like Matryoshka, do please send in your thoughts.

Here’s a ceramic artist, Mitsy Sleurs, whose 99 feelings project featured these lovely dolls.

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