Honest by

Can a fashion company be totally transparent about where its clothes come from and how they are made? Isn’t enshrouding itself in secrecy written in its blueprint which then allows them to charge customers more money for their products?

Well, here’s a business that overturns the traditional model. Honest by gives you a detailed breakdown of its journey: from where its products were made, how the fabrics were sourced and even details of its mark-up costs.

A truly refreshing and brave approach from a fashion company, this level of transparency should chime well with our power-to-the-people generation, where the consumer is, once again, king. You just have to look at twitter for confirmation.

Honest by is created by the fashion designer Bruno Pieters. During a sabbatical year exploring the developing world, Bruno had a profound experience in India. Here, he tells us why.

What struck me most was the openness of the people .They are so proud of their products they immediately tell you everything about them, where and by whom they are made, and the time it took to make them — complete, spontaneous, ego-free transparency.

I was also inspired by this huge billboard of Gandhi I saw in Delhi, saying ‘Be the change you want to see in the world. I realised I should adopt this attitude in my own life. When I returned to Antwerp,I began research on how to create a line produced with the least possible harm to people, animals and the environment.

The first collection is Honest by Bruno Pieters – and every three months there will be a new designer. On 5 April the baton will be passed to up and coming Canadian designer Calla, who is based in Paris and shows during New York fashion week.

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