The Moth Diaries

Lily Cole in The Moth Diaries.

Tell me this film still of Lily Cole in her new film The Moth Diaries doesn’t remind you of a certain Ryan McGinley photograph.

Set in an exclusive girls’ boarding school, Cole plays Ernessa – the strange new girl whose Goth style contrasts sharply against the fresh innocence of her schoolmates. Odd things happen and the other girls start wondering about Ernessa. So far so predictable?

Well, I’m keeping an open mind. It is directed by Mary Harron who also did American Psycho, and it would be interesting to see how she adapts this 2002 debut novel by Rachel Klein.

Going off on a tangent, here’s an interesting (or not!) piece of trivia about Harron unearthed from IMDB: she was the first writer to interview Sex Pistols for an American publication.

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