What’s in your closet?

There’s a voyeur in all of us. We can’t help ourselves. Peeping through the keyhole gives us a thrill.

I remember when I first discovered The Selby.  For the next month and a bit, I was addicted. Checking in regularly – about twice a day – for the latest home visited by Todd Selby and his camera. His site wasn’t enough to sate my appetite so I went out to buy his book.

I’ve brought up The Selby because yesterday, while browsing Style Bubble, I was tipped off by one of her posts about a similar site. An outfit called The Coveteur paid her and her closet a visit. So I skipped over to their site to check them out. And, by God, I sure wish I hadn’t.

Just slightly over a year old, The Coveteur was founded by designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark with photographs taken by Jake Rosenberg. The trio dives into the closets of the fashionable, takes the pictures and leaves. Anna Dello Russo, Erdem and Natalie Joos have all been coveteur’d.

Equally compulsive is the Behind The Scenes, diarising the fun and frolics behind each Coveteur shoot.

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